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Homeless Mental Health Intervention

Quality of life is the goal of counseling. The Judah Robinson Foundation extends free on-site or mobile counseling to non-traditional consumer populations. There are many treatments in mental health care, yet individual counseling is often hard to access or afford. Those who cannot access a full range of treatment options - due to homelessness, lack of insurance, insufficient insurance, or lack of community resources - may be considered disadvantaged. Studies show that counseling improves long term recovery outcomes in significant  mental illness. Individuals with disorganized psychosis are helped with individual counseling.

The Homeless Mental Health Intervention Project offers individual counseling in multiple settings including emergency shelters, residential facilities, and at our Virginia F. Dolan Lounge drop-in and warming center. 




          Our current hours are:

  • Saturday  12-8P.M.

  • Sunday      12-8P.M.

  • Monday     12-8P.M.


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